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Bidding System for Newbies (Discussion)
Opening Bid: 51; Questions From A New Player

Does making an first bid of 52-58 -deny- "Aces Around"?
I assume with Triple or Quad "Aces Around" a bid of "59" would be sufficient to enlighten my partner.

I am in first seat, or second when RHO (Right Hand Opponent) has passed, and I bid "51", showing "Aces Around" and denying "Double Aces Around" since I did not bid "59".

Am I promising a marriage, let alone a playable trump suit?
If not, is partner -expected- to bid light to "save" us?
If I -must- have a biddable trump suit, what should one have to bid "51".

Does 51 imply "power" or merely a constructive bid, partially describing my hand. And why not another conventional meaning, "6+ aces" or "4 aces outside of my trump suit". Or is "51" simply -informative-, partner knows he/she can get to me in any suit.

Having bid 51 and getting a positive response from partner, what is my next bid?
Having 30 meld, is my next bid +3 over partner's bid?
Rick Hall

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